I’ve wanted a pot rack for a long time.  I have limited cabinet space, and my pots and pans are stuffed in them and stacked on each other, which makes it difficult to easily grab what I need.  I love the look of a pot rack hanging over a big kitchen island, but I don’t have a kitchen island.  I briefly thought about hanging one over my peninsula, but I decided that would make the kitchen seem even more confined and block the view into the dining area.  What to do, what to do?

Then it hit me; I hate that friggin’ lazy susan in the corner cabinet.  It is an odd shape and not roomy enough for storing much of anything but especially not for storing large frying pans.  Before I put magnetic spice tins in my pantry, I used it to store bottles of spices.  Thus, I decided to repurpose it.  I removed the lazy susan and the cabinet door attached directly to it (annoying).  I installed some large hooks.  VOILA!  My useless corner cabinet is now a pot rack cabinet!

Pot Rack Cabinet

Corner Cabinet Turned Pot Rack

I can easily grab any pot or pan I need.  I even had some room for my super-large multi-pot on the bottom. I’ve ordered a brand new double-hinged door for the cabinet, so all of the cookware will soon be hidden from view.  However, I’m discovering I sort of like it open, too: convenient!  Plus, I now have a couple of other cabinets open for storing other things.  I consider this idea an all-around success.

I’m still working on a solution for the lids.  Right now I’m storing them on the bottom of the cabinet, but I would like to make them less of a jumbled mess.  I don’t have enough vertical clearance to store them in one of those lid racks on the bottom.  This problem will require some creativity and thought.

16 Responses to “My Pot Rack Solution”

  • Phoena says:

    What a great idea!

  • TammyR says:

    Very clever! That corner cabinet is useless. I have things piled in there that are hard to get to, and I’m slightly afraid to stick my hand (or head) in there! :-)

  • Eurasian7 says:

    You may have solved my pot storage dilemma as well…I have a good-sized collection of stainless steel cookware and pressure cookers that I can’t seem to fit comfortably under my kitchen island, and I don’t like the look of hanging potracks. Clutter on display is not my bag. I was thinking of installing some type of tiered shelving underneath but this may be even better. Good thinking!

  • Katie says:

    Over from Better After. Love the new kitchen. Have you already or will you share your paint color and your steps to what you did (primer, paint, sealer,oil based, etc)? Also, what color did you use for your walls. I’m trying to get brave enough to do this myself. I’m so afraid that my cabinets will look roughly painted and yucky rather than smooth and polished. Any tips? Thanks!

  • amber bronish says:

    I found this blog while searching for pan rack ideas, we are going to do this in our kitchen. can you tell me what you used inside the cabinet to hold the pans. How did you screw/nail in your hardware..etc. Any information would be great.


    • It was really simple. I use some large hooks I purchased at Home Depot, and they screwed directly into the top of the cabinet after I drilled small pilot holes. I have about 10 hooks in the cabinet. They seem to take the weight of the pots and pans just fine, but my cabinet tops were sturdy wood. I don’t know how well it would work in MDF or composite material.

      That was my initial attempt, though. I’m thinking about buying some small pipe and fittings and turning it into a bar on which I can hang S hooks. I think it would be better if I could slide things around in order to get to items.

      • amber bronish says:

        ok, thank you- my husband is trying to do the second one as well. great idea though!! one of those things you think, why didnt i think of that!

  • Beth says:

    Great idea… But having the pans stick out will drive me NUTS! Any suggesting on a door covering it up?

    • I ordered a double-hinged door to fit the corner cabinet. If your corner cabinet is a stock size from a popular manufacturer (my cabinets are Merillat), you can probably get the door you need quite easily. Otherwise, a custom cabinet maker can probably build one for you.

      You can see the corner cabinet with door in this follow-up post about my kitchen reno:


  • Shaun says:

    To solve the lid problem, simply slide the handle of the lid onto the pan handle. http://lifehacker.com/5846702/save-cupboard-space-by-hanging-your-pots-and-lids-together

  • Rachael says:

    You can use a magizine rack for the lids.